The Best Foods to Get You Through a Breakup

Break-ups. Only a few who get to marry their high school sweetheart get to dodge the heart-wrenching experience of breakups.

For those of you who have experienced one or more, it can feel like something out of a Dumb & Dumber movie. You know that dream scene when Jim Carrey’s character rips the heart right out of the poor chap’s chest and serves it to him in a doggy bag? Yeah, like that.

But wait. What does this have to do with nutrition?

I speak a lot about thriving with the seasons of Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. But what about life’s seasons?

Let’s face it, adulting can be hard. There are bills to pay, work to perform, family to juggle and for those who have kids, mouths to feed. Throw a breakup into the mix and it can often feel like game-over.

When we’re in the thick of it, we sometimes lose our appetites entirely or binge eat everything in sight.

But I’m not here to tell you what nutrients you need in times of stress or give you recipes to follow because let’s face it, it’s very unlikely you will follow through with them.

And that’s okay.

Even for someone like myself who has lunch on the mind even before breakfast has been served, in times of distress I do the bare minimum. I sustain myself on crackers and cheese, snacks and hard boiled eggs because it requires the least amount of effort. We’re all human.

But it got me thinking. Why not share with you my favourite binge-worthy, minimal prep required foods that happen to be good for your gut? Because let’s face it, you’ve been through enough and you need a little comfort (that’ll actually make you feel good about yourself!).

So stock up and let yourself feel all emotions. Soon you’ll realize the real reason for your tears - all your finished snacks!

Would you buy a break-up box full of yummy treats to get you back on your feet?

  • SmartSweets - low sugar, fibre (keeps you regular when everything else is in shambles)
  • Crazy D Labs - prebiotic soda that nourished the good bacteria in your gut which enhances mental clarity, nutrient absorption and good gut health. It happens to be low sugar.
  • Enhanced collagen - It's a relaxant and source of protein which keeps your skin glowing
  • Broth - gut healing (a blanket for your gut, because someone needs to keep you warm)
  • Break-up smoothie - Minimal effort meal replacement smoothie because no one’s got the effort to chew (include fats, protein and carbs) ---> How to Turn a Smoothie Into a Perfectly Acceptable Meal Replacement
  • Fatso - eat it right out of the jar if you have to, no one will judge. We may even bring our own spoon and keep you company. Meal idea: Combine baked sweet potato with peanut butter, cinnamon and granola.
  • Screamin' Brothers Ice cream because... ice cream, enough said.
Green smoothie

Green smoothie

Photo credit:   @pose_and_parcel

Photo credit: @pose_and_parcel

What are you waiting for? Call up your friend, gather your snacks and put on tearjerker movies. No one should go through a break-up alone.