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Adopting Good Nutrition While Raising a Family

Feeding a young family nutritious food seems to be both a top priority for parents, and their biggest struggle. Gone are the days when a parent worked from the home and had the time to prepare meals from scratch using whole, nutritious ingredients. Instead, parents find themselves searching for the quickest ways to fill children’s bellies in between meeting work deadlines, wiping runny noses and changing diapers, responding to incessant texts and email alerts. Learn how to adopt good nutrition while raising a family. 

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Are You Eating For Energy?

This week for my March is Nutrition Month series, I'm featuring Mandy King, Holistic Nutritionist. She is going to dive straight into it with eating for energy. Often when we are hit with the midday crash or need a quick energy boost, we reach for the sugary, processed snacks. They might boost your energy for a short period of time, but you'll be back to your sluggish ways in no time. Not only will you be feeling more sluggish, but you are depleting your body of what it really needs.

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Nutrition Month: How Do We Go About Changing Eating Habits for the Better?

March is nutrition month and I've got quite the line up of amazing nutritionists throughout the month who will be sharing their knowledge and tips on nutrition. We'll be discussing how to change eating habits (read below), how to incorporate more nourishing foods, what foods to incorporate before and after your workout and snack ideas for avoiding the midday crash (one I've been experiencing way to often). First off, we have the inspiring Britt Martin from Fit Britt. 

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