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How to Avoid The Temptation to Eat Junk Food

Imagine… You’ve been waking up fully rested, starting the day off with a warm lemon water and enjoying every bite of your breakfast. It is not only satisfying but nutritious. It fuels you with the right kind of energy and you go on your day filling it with positive self-talk, good food and good company. You’ve been feeling fantastic, exercising, eating well until that one gloomy day where everything shifted. 

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Meaningful Eats: How To Get Out Of Bed When You Feel Unmotivated

We've all heard these motivational quotes and thousands of others. We see them flood our Instagram and Facebook feed every single day. And to be completely honest, I have no positive response to them anymore. In fact, the posts overwhelm me. When they first started rolling in and appearing on my Instagram feed, it really sparked something within me. It gave me a small boost, a sprinkle of motivation. But I'm sure like for many others, that motivation didn't last long. We'd read the quotes or articles on motivation and we'd feel empowered, repost them to our accounts, bookmark the article and take one step forward in our journey to achieving our goals. But the following day, we found ourselves feeling unmotivated, overwhelmed, envious, distracted or simply paralyzed by our long to do lists or lack of meaning in our life. Let me tell you... You are not alone.

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How to Embrace Change and Thrive


Fall is here. Leaves are slowly changing colours, we crave more comfort food and root vegetables, and we might have less energy. This is our body's way of adjusting to the change of season.

But some changes aren't gradual or expected like the change of seasons. Sometimes we are forced out of our comfort zone or taken by surprise. You might get an unexpected promotion at work or you might get laid-off. Your partner is planning a dinner to either pop the big question or leave you with your heart in your hands. Whatever the change, we need to remind ourselves that change is an opportunity to grow. It's an opportunity to learn new things about ourself or others, to change our perspective, and find our way to thrive through it.

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