5 Must-Try Soups for Fall

Smoothies, when made right, are a great meal replacement. Combine good fats, protein, leafy greens with a dash of sweetness, and you’ve got yourself a fueling liquid dinner. Chocolate and peanut butter smoothie. Carrot cake smoothie. Strawberries and cream smoothie. The options are endless.


However, just like strawberries, smoothies are more of a summer beverage to me. Raw foods are a great addition to your smoothie but are best eaten in the summer as they help cool the body.

So what’s a good alternative for fall’s cooler and crisp days? Soup, of course.

When the season shifts to much cooler temperatures, you may notice you crave more stews, soups and home cooked meals. You may get all nostalgic and crave your mom’s signature soup (beet and tomato soup for me please!) or perhaps you want to spend your Sunday afternoons cozied up by the fire place with a blanket, a good book and a freshly steeped tea. Whatever your favourite fall dishes or activities may be, it’s all about nurturing your body and keeping cozy.

The great thing about soups is that you can make a big batch and pop individual servings in the freezer for those lazy nights. To help you out on choosing what soups to make, I tested 5 soup recipes that I think you’ll enjoy.

Tip: Before you go and batch cook any soup, make a single serving to make sure you actually like it. There’s nothing worse than chowing down a meal that you hate. There’s nothing nourishing about that.