first week of 70.3 Iron(wo)man training

The first week of my 40-week triathlon training plan with MyProCoach didn’t go as planned. I went from feeling excited and committed to feeling unmotivated, depleted, and weak.

Why the sudden change?

First off, I felt off the moment I woke up on Monday morning. There’s a high probability that hormones were at play here. If you’re a woman, you know that depending where you are in your cycle, your energy can plummet and certain exercises can be challenging. To top off my fluctuating hormones, personal situations spiked my stress levels and I felt emotionally and mentally drained.

They say exercising helps alleviate stress, but I felt depleted and needed to replenish my energy stores before I could jump in the pool, hop on the bike, and run laps.


The first week of training focused on establishing my threshold and a consistent routine. Considering my current fitness level (playing soccer once a week and cycling on occasion), I knew I had to ease into my training and build a solid foundation to keep me strong and resilient.


When I finally hit the pool for a few leisure laps on day 3, I was flooded with butterflies in my stomach. I’ve done many laps in this 137 m pool overlooking the mountains, so why the nervousness?

Between drills and leisure swimming, the plan called for a 1500m swim. The thought alone made my stomach turn. I’ve never swam more than 850m, how on earth would I swim 1500m on the first day? I didn’t. I realized it’s best to gradually work towards the desired distance than to push myself and risk sustaining an injury or feeling sick. (I’ve made that mistake before, and it’s not worth it).

For the remaining of the week I adapted the plan to fit my mental and physical state. I also made a few mental notes of topics to explore to future-proof my body for the weeks to come:

  • Eat enough to sustain your exercises and to support recovery

  • take your supplements

  • sleep is part of the training plan

  • if the going gets tough, focus on the breath

That is all for this week. Check back soon for my progress, insights, and the real life struggles of becoming a triathlete.

Keep thriving and inspiring.

~ Justyna Julia