Copper H2O: A Water Bottle with Benefits

A good water bottle is hard to come by these days, but I found one that ticks most of my must-haves. I find myself on the go running from work to fitness classes, to sunset beach hangs, and the one thing I always tend to carry with me is a water bottle.

But for a while, I would fill up my bottle with filtered water but would rarely refill it on the go because I didn’t have access to filtered water. Personally I find tap water to have a funny taste.

Fast forward to the day I was introduced to CopperH2O . Copper H2O is a beautiful crafted copper water bottle. The entire bottle is made of a single sheet of copper and hammered down for a unique finish. Not only do these copper water bottles help the environment by avoiding the use of disposable plastic bottles, it supports the maintenance of good health.

As a Nutritionist, I like to do my research. There are many companies that will slap on marketing jargon and claims, but do not live up to their claims. Before trying the copper bottle, I looked into the benefits of copper and made a list of questions to ask the Founder of Copper H2O. For example, can drinking out of a copper bottle treat copper deficiency or result in copper toxicity?

Studies have shown that copper is anti-bacterial, acts as an effective anti-oxidant, improves immunity, supports good health, prevents aging, eliminates toxins and free radicals, and stimulates the brain.
— Copper H20

I was in touch with Jessica from Copper H2O who was patient in answering all my questions.

“Recent studies note that the World Health Organization has concluded that it is safe for the body to consume up to 2mg of copper per litre of water. Significantly, research shows that the water stored in the copper vessel for several hours absorbed less than 1/20th of that amount of copper, very far below safe limits”. (Copper H2O)

Here are other ways you can benefit from a Copper Water Bottle:

+ Water store in a copper vessel becomes natural alkaline water, which helps balance your body’s PH level

+ Copper is anti-bacterial and eliminated toxins and free radicals

+ Copper H2O water bottle is self-sterilizing and therefore do not require as much as cleaning as other water bottles

+ Builds a strong immune system

+ Fights inflammation - Copper has anti-inflammatory properties and strengths the bones and immune system

I’ve been using the Copper Water Bottle for over 6 months now and have been loving it. I receive so many compliments and not only does it look pretty, it has healthy benefits too! The only box that it doesn’t tick is the fact that you cannot use it for hot water. But that’s a small sacrifice I’m willing to live with.

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