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How to Avoid The Temptation to Eat Junk Food

Imagine… You’ve been waking up fully rested, starting the day off with a warm lemon water and enjoying every bite of your breakfast. It is not only satisfying but nutritious. It fuels you with the right kind of energy and you go on your day filling it with positive self-talk, good food and good company. You’ve been feeling fantastic, exercising, eating well until that one gloomy day where everything shifted. 

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4 Golden Rules to Beginning Your Fitness Journey

January 3 marked the official day of my journey to completing my first triathlon this upcoming summer. If you are unfamiliar with the sport, it involves a swim followed by bike ride and finishing off with a run. There are various distances from 750 m to 3.8 km swim, 20 km to 180 km bike ride and 5 km to 42 km run. It's unbelievable what people are capable of. I share with you 4 golden rules for beginning a fitness journey. 

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Meaningful Chat with Connor Meakin from Pure Bone Broth

As an entrepreneur (I started a jewelry line a few years ago), I'm always drawn to what inspired people to start their own business, what fuels them and where they envision themselves in a couple of years. It such a great feeling to hear people dream big and obtain a level of success they've never imagined. I had the pleasure to connect with Connor Meakin from Pure Bone Broth and ask him how he got started, the benefits of bone broth, his biggest life lesson and his favourite soup recipe (it's a must try!!) 

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