7 Reasons I want to Becoming a Triathlete


Get outside my comfort zone - simply writing "why I want to become a triathlete" makes me uncomfortable. The term triathlete in my mind holds high value and with my lack of fitness experience, I start to doubt my ability. It's time for me and the term to get better acquainted. 


Strengthen my mind and body. 


Learn about myself - I will learn how to swim and rediscover my love for running. I will learn what works for my body, the best nutrition and what fuels me. The journey will be a blissful one, I can feel it. 


Be part of a community - meeting new people is something I always strive for especially now being in a new city. Exchanging stories and sharing an interest with others strengthens our mental health and relationships. 


Fuel my happiness and passion for fitness - When I play sports or ride my bike, I am in my element. It allows me to clear my head and stay creative. 


Build my nutrition brand - I'm a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and my interest lies in fitness nutrition. During my journey, I will learn and experience effective ways to boost my energy and fuel my body appropriately. 


See what the fuss is all about - there are so many people who've told me "once you do your first triathlon, you won't want to stop." There must be something exhilarating about it, and I want to experience it.