Are You Committed to Your Health?

Every year, the majority of us make a conscious decision to better our health. "I will eat better." "I will exercise more." "I will cut out sugar." And a couple months into the year or even a couple of weeks in, people begin to fall off the wagon. They throw in the towel and still decide to set the same goal the following year. 

Does this sound familiar? The reason to what seems like a broken record player is simple. 

You are simply not fully committed to your health. 

Might sound harsh... but let me explain. 

Think about a strong relationship you have with a friend, partner and/or family member. You both offer each other your most honest and best advice, you spend quality time together, you give each other your undivided attention and you only want the best for each other. When you build a strong foundation, nothing can tear you apart. Even in the midst of a fight, you manage to forgive and work on it. Throughout the years, you begin to understand one another, tune in to each other and nurture the relationship with the best of intentions.

Are you doing the same for yourself? 

Are you giving yourself quality time to recharge? Are you taking preventative measures and nourishing your mind and body to feel your best? Are you listening to your body and making positive changes when things are out of balance? 

If you are lacking self-love and you are not fully committed to your health, forgive yourself. You know your best friend would. 

To start your journey to better health all you need is to make the choice to begin. Do not wait for the motivation to kick in and certainly do not wait until your life is less chaotic. There's no better time than the present

Making positive dietary and lifestyle changes takes work, but is worth it in the end. Remind yourself that there’s no such thing as perfection when it comes to nutrition and when you strive for perfection you’re likely to deprive yourself of the good and restrict yourself unnecessarily. Make small changes, adjust along the way and listen to your body.

We can change our habits and become healthier in the process. We can change (choose) what we eat, how we eat, and when we eat.

I #CommitToHealth because I’ve seen the detrimental effects of bad nutrition and poor lifestyle choices. My family and I are prone to certain health issues and I’m doing everything in my power to lessen my chances of it occurring. What I choose to fuel my body with has an impact on my mood today, my state tomorrow and my long-term health. "It's easier to prevent disease than to heal the body after disease occurs, when much more energy, time and money are needed to return to health." (Elson M. Haas) I #CommitToHealth by fuelling my body with the right type of fuel (for me) because it makes me feel confident, strong, clear minded and energized. I only have one life and I want to make the best of it.

Commitment means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it in has left you. 

People underestimate how good they can feel. If you’ve developed chronic fatigue, frequent headaches or digestive issues, there’s a root cause that can be addressed to help you rid of these symptoms and get you back into balance. It’s possible.

Are you ready to fully commit to your health?