Preach What You Practice

It's been so long since I posted. And I hate to admit that I forgot how to access my blog dashboard. As you may have noticed, the health and wellness blogging industry has boomed. I personally feel overwhelmed by the number of bloggers and health practitioners (all very talented and with a story to share) emerging onto the scene. You begin to wonder, do I have what it takes? How do I stand out? What is my true purpose? Yes, these are all questions of self-doubt and lack of confidence, but I am human too. I've also realized that this type of questioning and behaviour stems from uncertainty and lack of clarity in my vision. What I needed was to go out, explore my surroundings, nourish my relationships, and challenge myself to try new activities. It was time to refocus and get in tune with my needs and wants. 

This time of reflection made me realize that I thrive when I get back to the basics and get in tune with my body. 

With an abundance of health information, the ever changing wellness industry and the coming of new exercise routines, I begin to focus on the perfectionism of my health routine and follow a unrealistic way of living. For example, I would find myself starting a new exercise regime and focus on doing it "right". I dreaded the whole thing and would feel extremely guilty for skipping my exercise and frustrated with myself for not excelling.

This is not who I am. 

I take on every challenge with a positive attitude. 
I understand that it's about progress not perfection. 
If something doesn't challenge me it doesn't change me. 
It's about the journey, not the destination. 

So how did I get here? Simply put, I refused to listen to my body. I heard it loud and clear, but refused to take appropriate action. Instead, I would do things for all the wrong reasons. 

We often hear the saying "practice what you preach" but let's be honest, we don't often follow our own advice. It's time we change things around and preach what we practice. Sometimes what we preach might be good for others but considering we fail to follow our own advice, we need to readjust and find what works for us. What are you doing to improve your well-being, your mental, physical and emotional state? Do that. Don't force yourself to preach a practice you don't follow yourself. In the end, it won't benefit anyone, especially you.

I know how I want to feel and it's time to adapt and seek opportunities that will compliment those feelings. It's time to stop making excuses and start living life to the fullest. 

Remember, preach what you practice! 

Justyna Zarzeczny