Why You Should Stop Searching for Happiness

Today, March 20, is International Happiness Day. 

Happiness is something we all strive for. We seek it in our jobs, relationships and even our possessions (new car, new house, etc.). We often assume that happiness can be achieved if we build a relationship with a certain person or if we land our dream job or buy a house. However, happiness is not an end destination. Happiness cannot be found in things or people. It's found within. 

If you go out to search for happiness, you won't find it. In the midst of your search, you will find yourself more agitated, more confused, more unhappy, far away from what you truly seek.

"See the dictionary under the letter ‘h’ — only there will you always find happiness. In life things are very mixed up. Day and night are together, so are happiness and unhappiness. Life and death are together, so is everything. Life is rich because of polar opposites. The very idea that one would like to be happy forever is stupid. The very idea will create only unhappiness and nothing else. You will become more and more miserable because more and more you will be missing your so-called eternal happiness." - Osho

Even the happiest of people are not happy all the time. They accept what life throws at them. They accept the failure that comes with success and they accept unhappiness that comes with happiness. The idea isn't to escape the feeling of sadness and disregard what you are feeling while putting a smile on your face. It's about accepting your current state and letting yourself feel the emotions. If you'd be running from unhappiness, you would be living a superficial life because we all know that there will always be good and bad days. 

In celebration of National Happiness Day, let's take a few minutes to write out what you are grateful for. "Recent studies have concluded that the expression of gratitude can have profound and positive effects on our health and our moods." (Huffington Post)

What are you grateful for? 

I am grateful for all the individuals I've connected with in my new city. 

I am grateful for the opportunity I have to go back to school and fuel my passion. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to connect with people around the world through my writing. 

I am grateful for the mistakes I've made in the past as it's helped me become a stronger individual.

I am grateful for the heartaches I've experience as it's opened my eyes and helped me foster stronger relationships.