Inside the Wellness Show Vancouver (Part 1)

This past weekend I attended the Wellness Show at the Vancouver Convention Centre. An event dedicated to resources you need to help find the balance in your life. There were numerous workshops, seminars, and demonstrations in addition to the endless list of exhibitors. There was truly something for everyone. For example, those interested in fitness had the opportunity to participate in a dance demonstration, speak with owners of various fitness studios, and learn more about local fitness and lifestyle services.

One of the big features of the event was the Nesters Market booth. The Organic Market highlighted some of the quality organic and natural products carried in Nesters Market stores. They had samples of yummy snacks and a nutritionist on-site who was available to discuss various products and their wellness benefits. 


Unfortunately I didn't have the opportunity to check out any of the demonstrations or workshops, but I did manage to check out all my favourite brands (Giddy Yoyo chocolate!!) and discover new products I cannot wait to try and tell you all about. Here are some products and services I would highly recommend checking out: 


Natera Life

Natera Hemp superfoods are made by Natera, a Canadian company (located in beautiful British Columbia!) dedicated to offering natural food choices that promote the peak of health for you and your family. 

Not only does Natera Life sell hemp seeds and hemp protein, but they offer them in delicious flavours. Those with a sweet tooth can snack on maple flavoured hemp seeds. Craving salty? They offer Himalayan Salted hemp seeds. These make a perfect addition to salads, smoothies and desserts. When it comes to protein powders, they offer 3 flavours: chocolate, vanilla (best seller!) and blackberry & pomegranate. 

What I like most about Natera's flavours is that they are sugar-free and sweetened with low-glycemic natural stevia. It only contains 1g of sugar per serving (30g)! 

Hemp seeds are perfect for vegan, paleo or gluten-free diets. It contains 35% protein, fiber, essential fatty and amino acids and omegas, vitamins, chlorophyll and calcium. What other reason do you need to try these? Did I mention they are delicious?


Amoda Tea

I've never heard of Amoda Tea until the Wellness Show. What drew me in was their simple branding and tea of course. I love my tea. Not only does it give me a boost (unlike coffee that gives me the jitters), there are so many different flavours. Whatever you're in the mood for, there's a tea for that. 

When I approached Amoda Tea's booth, I was greeting by the lovely co-founder Tegan. She gave me a run down of what they were all about, had me sample various blends and educated me on the benefits of matcha. I've been wanting to incorporate matcha into my health regimen and even develop some recipes with it, so I'm glad Amoda Tea was there to help. 

If you are a tea lover and looking to try new blends, Amoda Tea currently offers monthly subscription boxes containing 4 premium teas, recipes & tasting notes, disposable, biodegradable tea filters and exclusive discounts for more tea! For more information check out the Amoda Tea website.


Check back soon for more highlight of the Wellness Show. (Spoiler alert! Will feature: Rise, Carina Organics, Hungry for Happiness, Ballet Lounge, Beanfields, Nasty Free Naturals, and Ambrosia Organic). 

Did you attend the Wellness Show? What were some of your favourite products or services offered?