Do You Float?

As I entered Pure Float, a wellness centre providing premium floatation therapy, I was greeted by the young man at the front desk. I felt instantly at ease and felt miles away from the downtown rush. While I walked through my spa tour, I was educated on the benefits of float and what to expect on my first visit.

I first heard of float therapy at the Vancouver Health Show. Pure Float was one of the vendors and were offering complementary NeuroSpa sessions on site. NeuroSpa synchronizes your mind and body through the power of sound. I didn't know what to expect, but I was intrigued. I lay down in a cozy lounge chair, while the Pure Float rep covered me with a blanket and pulled a canopy over my head. Within minutes, I was captivated by the soothing music followed by the acoustic vibrations. The vibrations moved through my body, soothing tension and gently melting away my stresses. After 30 minutes, I felt so much more relaxed and felt less stiffness in my neck (which I felt previous to the session). I was hooked and signed up right away for a float session. 

Back to my Pure Float experience... During my first session, I signed up for a 30 minute NeuroSpa and a 60 minute Essential Float. Once my tour ended, I was left in a dark room in the little hub (the lounge chair). Even though I've previously experienced the NeuroSpa, a wave of anxiety came over me. I felt shortness of breath and my mind was focused on the fact that I was alone, in this cacoon in the dark. I might have slight claustrophobia. I took a deep breath, focused on breathing and counted to 10. I kept repeating to myself: "I'm here for me", "I'm here to take time for myself", "I'm here to release my stresses and any tension that I hold in my body", and "I'm here to disconnect from my devices." My anxiety diminished. 

Once the NeuroSpa session ended, I was guided to my floating room, a private room with a shower and float room. I got changed into my bathing suit, took a quick shower with the pre-float soap and stepped into a state of complete relaxation. 

As soon as I sat down in the 10" water tub, I instantly floated. It was the most bizarre feeling. I felt my body tense up a little throughout the 60 minute session, but with a few deep breaths, I regain control and relaxed. 

As an introvert, being alone is my way of recharging my batteries, tuning in to my body and diving into one of my many passions. I don't mind solo movie nights, cooking for one or making jewelry for hours. These are precious hours I get to myself to explore new things, things I enjoy and to rest. It takes a lot out of me to constantly be aware and making conversation. So when I was left alone to experience NeuroSpa and Essential Float, I was enjoying it. But I would be lying if I said I didn't experience some discomfort. 

Sound, sight and gravity are no longer distractions, allowing you to fully relax and rejuvenate. Just one hour of floating is equal to six hours of rest!
— Pure Float on Essential Float

When I'm alone at home or wandering the city, I'm constantly exposed to stimuli. When I was floating, I had no way of continuously checking my phone, texting my friends or keeping myself occupied. I was deprived of sound, sight and gravity. I was enclosed in a small room with 10” high water filled floor. All distractions have been removed such as visual stimuli, sense of touch due to the water being the same temperature as my skin, and sense of smell due to the epsom salts nullifying any other scents, leaving me with just the feeling of floating!

My overall floating experience was a great one. Even though it was a challenge to stay focused on the present and not let my mind wander to my to do list, I felt so refreshed and clear minded. After 60 minutes, I felt like I woke up from a solid 6 hour sleep, full of energy and ready to conquer the rest of my day. There are many benefits to floating therapy and I encourage you to try it. It might feel uncomfortable at first considering you are removed from all distractions, but removing yourself from them brings you into a meditative state. You will regain more self-awareness, relieve any stress and strengthen your immune system. Floating is a wonderful way to nurture your mind, body and spirit.

Relax. Heal. Let go… Float

Floating is proven to: (taken directly from Pure Float website)

  • Relieve stress, anxiety and depression
  • Reduce chronic fatigue caused by insomnia and jet lag
  • Stimulate creativity
  • Accelerate mental clarity and learning
  • Deepen meditation practices
  • Soothe chronic pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia, back and neck pain, inflammation and tendonitis
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Decrease muscular tension caused by daily stresses and prolonged sitting
  • Improve circulation and reduce blood pressure
  • Accelerate healing
  • Strengthen the immune system

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** I was in no way compensated or asked to write a review for Pure Float. All my experiences and words are my own, except for where stated.**