Writing Your Manifesto 101 w/ Amy Mackenzie

Quotes. You see them plastered all over the walls, on your Instagram news feed, Facebook, Twitter and printed on pillows and kitchen towels. They make us laugh, they remind us of what we are capable of, or they simply inspire us to keep going. I used to write down all my favourite quotes in my notebook, post them regularly on Instagram and continuously pin them on Pinterest. But there was a point where I didn't notice them anymore. I read the words and felt nothing. Uninspired. Unmotivated. Unchanged. These words were not my own. These words have been repeatedly rehearsed, losing their meaning and charm. These words do not ring true to me. When I first realized their impact (or lack of), I thought to myself "Why don't I write my own manifesto. One that speaks true to my experiences and values, one that I can rehearse daily and alter as I progress through my journey."

When things have meaning, they are linked to our personal experiences and values. They hold a greater power and influence our decision making. So if you are looking to change the course of your journey, want to invite more love, more money or more self-awareness, begin by writing your manifesto. It doesn't have to be lengthy, a sentence or two will suffice. All that truly matters is that it rings true to you. 

To kick start my Writing Your Manifesto 101, I've invited Amy Mackenzie from Designing Her Life to give us some tips and tricks to writing your unique declaration. Take it away Amy!

Definition: A Manifesto is a public proclamation of what you intend to do with your future and Intention is what brings Purpose, Meaning & Significance to life. ~ Lorna Jane
You can style your manifesto to suit you, make it a declaration, inspiring words, truth bombs or even some of your favourite quotes. It just needs to anchor into how you want to feel, what you want to live your life by and who you want to be. For example....
“Feel free, calm and at peace” 
“Live a life full of passion and purpose” 
“Be generous, kind and compassionate” 

When writing your manifesto, take some time to think about the things that matter most, your values and dreams. Try writing them all down, it doesn't have to make sense, just get them all down on paper. Now try putting 'I', 'I am' and 'I believe'  in front of them. 
“I love fiercely” 
“I am creativity” 
“I believe in magic” 

Another way to approach it, is by using some of the best lessons you've learnt or revelations you've had along the way. Declaring them as statements makes for a powerful manifesto.
“Loving yourself is the key to inviting love into your life in other ways.” (see how that serves as a reminder to love yourself first and practice self love) 
“Gratitude is the secret to true happiness.” 
The key to believing it and staying true to your words is making them yours, relating them to you and your life. Read them regularly by putting them somewhere you will see them, make it a part of your daily routine. Include your why so that when it feels hard or far away you can come back to it and be motivated to keep going. Say it like you believe it, say it like it has already happened or you already have it. Use your manifesto to manifest your dream life. 
My fave places to keep my manifesto are framed on my desk or as my screensaver on my laptop. The perfect reminder to live my best life both personally and professionally. 
Let your manifesto be your wildest hopes and dreams brought to life through your own unique words. It is your own personal source of inspiration that you can tap into daily. 


Life Coach + Cheerleader + Biz Bestie for the Dreamers. Believers. Doers. Thought Leaders. Spirit Seekers and Life Lovers.

As an Inspirational Lifestyle Coach and Conscious Leader, Amy Mackenzie brings passion-fuelled women together to dive into their hearts desires and design a life they love. 
She uses her experience to inspire and motivate women, to explore a more fulfilled, soulful and inspired lifestyle and business. 

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