How I Stay Fit Without Exercising

Exercising to most people is something you do that makes you sweat. It's something you do for at least 30 minutes to get your heart pumping. It's something you do to lose weight, to feel energized, to prevent disease or to (fill in the blank). Exercising is often referred to as a chore, something you need to fit into your schedule at least 3 times a week, otherwise you will feel bad about yourself and wonder why you can't stay motivated and get your butt off the couch. Exercising has a bad rap, which is why I got off that bandwagon. 

I don't exercise. I move my body. 

With every move, I challenge myself, I feel energized, I sweat, and I feel confident. Some days I feel the burn, some days I don't. I do what I enjoy and what's right for my body. 

I walk. I bike. I practice yoga. I plank. I use the stairs. 

All these things bring me joy and none of them feel like a chore to me. All these things push me to move my body in different ways and help me stay fit. I don't need to spend $ to feel my best and I sure don't need to hit the gym to feel as though I've worked out. 

I say ditch the workout that feels like a chore, that makes you hate the world, that makes you feel bad and start doing things you enjoy. Start tuning in to your body and raise your awareness to the things you are already doing to stay in shape like walking to your office, taking the stairs or carrying heavy groceries from your car.

Being fit and feeling your best shouldn't be on your to do list. It should be the result of what you enjoy doing most.