How to Embrace Change and Thrive

Fall is here. Leaves are slowly changing colours, we crave more comfort food and root vegetables, and we might have less energy. This is our body's way of adjusting to the change of season.

But some changes aren't gradual or expected like the change of seasons. Sometimes we are forced out of our comfort zone or taken by surprise. You might get an unexpected promotion at work or you might get laid-off. Your partner is planning a dinner to either pop the big question or leave you with your heart in your hands. Whatever the change, we need to remind ourselves that change is an opportunity to grow. It's an opportunity to learn new things about ourself or others, to change our perspective, and find our way to thrive through it.

All changes in my life are positive and empowering.

I've recently made the biggest change of my life. I left my comfortable home, my job, my family and friends to pursue the unknown. I moved across the country to a city where I don't have a job, I don't have any friends or family, and I don't have a plan. This was a change I planning for months, but I've shaken up my entire life because I was too comfortable back home. I lost myself in the chaos, I've lost focus on what I really wanted and felt as though I didn't have any exciting stories to tell. I wasn't living the life that I often told my friends to live - a life full of adventures and new experiences. I grew up and lived in Toronto all my life, and I wanted to experience something different. I wanted a challenge in my life.

I realized that the pain of this change is far less than the pain I would of experienced living the life I had. Meaning, there would be far more regret if I stayed where I was and didn't go after my aspirations.

All things in life change, and I adapt willingly and easily.

Change energizes me.

Change helps me to grow.

Change is not a threat but a challenge. Change helps you grow and helps you discover things about yourself that you didn't know you were capable of. With my recent bold move, I've put together a list of ways to embrace change to thrive rather than feel paralyzed.

How to embrace change and thrive

  1. Change your perspective. - Remind yourself that change is not a threat but a challenge. Take a moment to sit and reflect the situation at hand and highlight the good things in the situation. Sometimes there might not be any positive aspects, instead think of the lesson to be learned.
  2. Recite and believe your daily affirmation. - Affirmation is a statement that is declared to be true. Put together a list of positive affirmation (mine are the ones bolded throughout the post) in regards to change and recite them throughout the day. Recite them until you truly believe it.
  3. Do something that brings you comfort. - When you're going through life changes, take the time to do something that brings you joy or comfort. When I was left with no job a few years back and didn't have anything lined up, I felt paralyzed by the change. I decided to let it be and head to my nearest book store. Book stores restores a calm within me, inspire me and restores my creativity.
  4. Remember, change is good, and in the end you'll thrive on top!

I would love to hear your story of a small or big change you've gone through and how you thrived through it. Leave your experience below in the comments.