Eating Isn’t One-Size-Fits-All

One of the greatest challenges in health today is information overload. As we become increasingly health conscious, the volume of research available on diets, supplements and exercise appears to get bigger and bigger – and increasingly overwhelming. When we seek information on a new diet or food trend, we turn to a trusted source such as a doctor, a friend, our favourite blogger, heck even a celebrity. But have you ever considered asking the most important person in your life... YOU? If we simply take a moment to really dig deep and listen to our bodies, we can understand what we truly need and not fall prey to the latest food trends.


“Many studies don’t consider that not all people are the same and will respond differently to foods. The idea that everyone will respond positively to any type of nutrient is probably incorrect.” says David Mutch, a researcher at the University of Guelph in the field of nutrigenomics, the study of the interaction between nutrients and our genes (Food As Medicine, Kendall K. Morgan).

We need to understand that we are all different and a diet that reversed one's disease or helped the individual lose weight is not necessarily the right diet that will give you the same results. If you want to dig deeper and learn more about what foods are right for you, I would suggest an elimination diet or discussing your food/gene test options with your naturopath (Don't have a naturopath? Check out Personalized Wellness Clinic).