Mother's Day Gift Guide

Good morning lovelies! It's a beautiful day and waking up in my new home with fresh tulips makes me an even happier gal. I moved in a few days ago and it must say it feels like a fresh start. More time for me, less time commuting and more time for cooking and baking. I can focus on the things I want to accomplish and share it all with you.

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As you know, Mother's Day is coming up this upcoming Sunday, May 10. This weekend let's show our mom how much we appreciate her support, unconditional love and hard work. To celebrate, let's provide these superwomen all things that make her shine and thrive. Here is my Mother's Day Gift Guide: 1. Homemade breakfast - Let your mom sleep in while you prepare breakfast. It doesn't have to be anything extravagant. Keep it simple. You can make waffles or pancakes topped with fresh local fruit and maple syrup. Steep her favourite tea (or brew coffee) and exchange some of your favourite memories, jokes over delicious breakfast. 2. Chocolate Set - Does she like sweet, spicy and salty? Arrange Giddy Yoyo chocolates and treats in a pretty basket. Giddy Yoyo offers a wide range of organic nutrient dense food & body care products that are fair traded, organic and always full of love & gratitude! Must try: Vanilla, Spicy and Mint

3. The Spa - Give her the gift of pure relaxation and pampering. Let her enjoy a day at the spa with a massage, perhaps a mani and pedi and no to-do list. Want her to enjoy the spa with a great view? Take her to the Scandinave Spa, which includes a Finnish Sauna, Eucalyptus Steam Room, Thermal & Nordic Waterfalls, Hot Baths, Cold Plunges & relaxation areas.

4. Recharge Bracelet - Remind your mom to stop, recharge and practice self-care. Bracelet by House of Bauble

In need of a #MothersDay #gift ? Remind your mom to stop, recharge and practice self-care. #wellnessbracelet

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