Stay Active, Live Happy

Have you ever missed working out? Sounds crazy right? Once you've experienced the benefits of exercising - increased confidence, peaceful mind, more energy, better sleeps (and many more), you start to long for it once you've had a few days off. At the beginning of the year, I signed up for 3 months of Moksha Yoga. At first, I'll be honest, I didn't enjoy it. The hot room made me feel uncomfortable and light headed. The good thing that came of that, is that it forced me to drink more water. A few weeks in, I started to enjoy the challenge, I was more flexible and felt less anxious. I still had a few instances where I felt lazy and my sister had to force me to go (and I never regretted going).

Once the yoga pass expired, I didn't renew and went back to being an inactive, anxious, tense and tired girl. I hated the feeling, but between my crazy work ours and commuting, I found it hard to find time to work out. Not only that, but when you are surrounded by inactive and negative people, the last thing you want to do is work out. It's a negative, vicious circle.

Fast forward to end of March, I decided to make a change. I was tired of being tired and making excuses not to work out. I might have a busy work schedule, but that's not changing anytime soon and I need to find a way to work around it. I have to say 'no' to hanging out with negative people who bring me down and don't encourage physical activity, instead they complain about their pains without doing something about it. With the weather warming up (except for the snow we had over the Easter weekend), I am feeling fired up and ready to hit up the best studios in Toronto with ClassPass.


I discovered ClassPass through Facebook and was instantly intrigued by the new kind of fitness membership they offered, the one that lets you enjoy diverse exciting ways to workout. ClassPass is designed to help you explore tons of amazing studios and classes, challenge yourself with different ways to work out, and get you into the kind of fitness you feel passionate about.

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ClassPass is offered in several cities (see above) or visit for more information. You get to try a variety of studios in your city and explore different types of workouts - boxing, yoga, pilates, surf (yes, they have indoor surf/yoga classes in Toronto), barre classes and many more. If you're someone who likes change and want to try different type of exercise to find what works best for your lifestyle, I would highly recommend ClassPass. What are you waiting for! Let's get fired up and get our sweat on. Invest in your ClassPass today*. Your body will thank you for it.

I'm on my second week and I'm so pumped to try boxing and surfing. Stay tuned for studio reviews! Next up: Barreworks.

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