Greetings From Montreal

Hello inspiring readers! I'm writing from the beautiful Old Montreal. Taking a quiet moment to myself to warm up - it's a bit windy plus I'm fighting some nasty bug. I'm constantly making sure I'm toasty and hydrated. Despite feeling under the weather and tired from an early morning and a 5 hour commute, I'm feeling inspired by the beautiful architecture and relaxing atmosphere.

Last night, I felt I was getting sick. I felt cold, hot and cold again throughout the day, which for me is a sign of something nasty coming on. The following morning, I had a 6:40 am train to catch. Instead of staying up late watching Netflix, I went straight to bed after work. I took 4 capsules of doTERRA's oregano and frankincense oil (4 drops each) in a capsule with 30 minute intervals. I had deep blue essential blend massaged on my back and feet (think Vicks). I also took neocitron because I didn't have my natural shot (tumeric, ginger and lemon). When I woke up this morning, I felt so much better! I kid you not, my body didn't ache and felt rested.

To get back to my good old self, I should be resting and drinking lots of warm water to keep me warm, but I couldn't miss my friend's bachelorette weekend in Montreal. I'm still sneaking in my oregano/frankincense to kick this bug.

I leave you with a photo of old Montreal and a burning question. When travelling how do you beat a cold? What are your go to travel essentials?