Eat, Sleep, Barre, Repeat

Over a week ago, I shared my experience with ClassPass and how we should all incorporate exercising into our daily routine, be it a 30 minute walk, yoga or boxing. The first class I signed up for using ClassPass was bAAArre (Arms, Abs, & Ass) at Barreworks. I was a bit scared considering it's been so long since I worked out. Will I be able to perform as well as others? Am I going to be able to keep up? What if I can't do it! Those were some of the questions that were running through my mind. It's as if I've never worked out before. To be honest, I feel kind of silly writing this out. But when you sign up for a new class (whatever it might be), there's always going to be a part of you that's a bit scared. But you have to start somewhere right? You will never regret trying something new.

I got to my Barrework's class on a sunny afternoon, ready for the challenge. The lovely lady at the front desk welcomed me and I instantly felt at home. (Back in 2014, I took part in the Fit for Summer Challenge at Barreworks and was at the studio 3-4 times a week. It was the best investment and it left me feeling strong and confident).


I got there 20 minutes early and took my time filling up my water bottle, looking at the new gear and enjoying some me time. The class was full and wow did every woman in there look fantastic! Some were taking a second class in a row (Bravo!) and others were fitting in an afternoon workout on their lunch break. There's something motivating about a class full of women ready to get their workout on and kicking butt! Once the class started, there was no way out. The music was pumping and I must say, Barreworks instructor's have some amazing playlists. Each track motivates you to keep pushing and to try a little harder to get your arms, abs and ass into shape.

Even in a class of 15 girls, you will get noticed by the instructor so there's no slowing down or skipping out on a count or two. You are there to challenge yourself to be better than you were yesterday and to achieve that amazing body. Throughout the class, the instructor makes sure you are doing every move correctly to get the maximum benefit and to avoid injury.

I give Barreworks 4 stars for amazing playlists, motivating instructors and a challenging workout.


"bAAAre is designed for maximum sculpting and chiseling. Multiple muscle groups are engaged to stabilize and strengthen targeted areas. Extended sequences of stretches will leave you "leaner, longer and stronger." This is a reduced cardio/non-impact workout" (Barreworks website)


ClassPass is offered in several cities. You get to try a variety of studios in your city and explore different types of workouts - boxing, yoga, pilates, surf, barre classes and many more. If you're someone who likes change and want to try different type of exercise to find what works best for your lifestyle, I would highly recommend ClassPass. What are you waiting for! Let's get fired up and get our sweat on. Invest in your ClassPass today*. Your body will thank you for it.

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