Wellness Bracelets That Help You Thrive And Inspire

I am over the moon right now. On Monday, I launched my Wellness Bracelet line for House of Bauble (the jewelry line I started 5 years ago). Making jewelry was something I picked up in University as a creative outlet. It was therapeutic and soon became my passion. I inspected every piece of jewelry I saw at stores and tried to replicate them to learn the basic techniques. Once I knew how to create a piece from start to finish, I began to develop my own style. I made statement necklaces and wore it everyday to show my friends and family. I received so many compliments and people began to tell me I needed to start selling my jewelry. Once I got enough courage and confidence, I opened my Etsy shop. I participated in various craft shows and ran private jewelry workshops. I loved every waking minute. It opened so many doors, got me out of my comfort zone and helped me network with all the right people. But things changed in March 2014. In March 2014, I did my last show in Toronto and even though it was a successful show, a light inside me blew out. My passion for jewelry making fizzled and I no longer stayed up til 2 am making jewelry or looking for the next event to sign up for. It's hard for me to explain what happened, even I don't fully understand. A month earlier, I took online courses to develop my jewelry brand and make a business out of it.

2014 was a year of discovery. I wanted to know what I was truly passionate about. What does Justyna love to do? Who am I really? What are my short and long-term goals? What do I see myself doing in 5, 10, 30 years? What is my purpose? Without purpose, you honestly don't have much. You simply live day to day without knowing where you are going. What is my destination? I really struggled to understand it but I made sure to never give up. It was my path to discovery.

In May 2014, I decided to make a list of goals. One of my goals was to keep a blog for at least 6 months. I don't know why I wanted a blog so bad. Who was going to read it? What was I going to write about? Before that, I blogged about making jewelry but didn't feel a connection with it and it only lasted a few months. This time around, I had a strong interest in nutrition and wellness. I seemed to always gravitate towards reading about the impact of food on the body, what were things I had to incorporate into my life and things I had to eliminate. That's when I decided to create Thrive With The Seasons. I wanted create a community where I could share my recipes, work out tips and self-development tasks to help people around the world thrive to their full potential. We are living in such a stressful environment, always on the go, working hard that we need to start taking care of ourselves. I wanted to be the one to deliver authentic, up-to-date health news and share my projects and recipes that will help you achieve your dreams and be the best version of  yourself. We all deserve it.

Once I found my purpose, to help you thrive and be your best self, I wanted to incorporate my jewelry in somehow. That's how I came up with the Wellness Jewelry line. I personally always struggle to remember to rest, drink more water, challenge myself, take risks, be proud of my accomplishments thus far and be my best self. I would write it down on post-its, get alerts on my phone or write in my journal. But I either misplaced the post-it or forgot to read my journal. Why not make a bracelet that I would tie and wear daily to remind me of what I needed to do to remain healthy - mind, body and soul. If I struggle to remember, I'm sure there are countless of others that do to. There are four pieces in the current collection, each intended to serve as a reminder. Each bracelet comes with a goal plan worksheet to help you get a clear vision of your dreams, tips on how to set goals and a motivational quote to pin on your board at home or work.

Check out the collection and let me know which one inspires you. Shop my Wellness Bracelet jewelry line.


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