Thriving and Inspiring: Stephanie from HUSK

Good morning! Hope everyone is feeling fully rested and ready to get the day started! I am super excited to present to you my Q&A session with the inspiring Stephanie De Gasperis, founder of HUSK - a curated collection of luxury natural products. HUSK is a shop in Yorkville that is comprised of beauty and health products sourced from across the globe to better both the person and the planet.

Let's get started!

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Tell me about yourself (i.e. how you started HUSK, what inspired you to start HUSK)

"As a fitness specialist and holistic nutritionist, Stephanie has always been inspired by her own quest for health and balance – and has now created the perfect way to share this knowledge with others. Stephanie is passionate about simplicity, tradition and the beauty in the Earth’s elements, and has truly brought her aesthetic vision to the HUSK shopping experience and beautiful selection of curated natural products." (

I was inspired by what natural brands were doing with pure ingredients, and how effective these products could be. I wanted to make them accessible and provide a platform for them to be shared.

What #1 advice would you give readers who want to start their own company in the health and wellness industry?

There are a number of ways for us to share positive and constructive information. The media channels have never been so vast and so accessible. It is up to us to select what we put out there and what we let into our lives, fill our news/tech feeds and our minds. I encourage people to share their positive findings on the easiest and most cost-effective platforms possible. Social media can work for us in the right way if used appropriately. It can build a brand, an individual’s career and spread relevant information - it’s a powerful tool, and a good place to start.

How would you describe your philosophy about food and living well?

I know these phrases have been somewhat exhausted but there is truth in both ‘everything in moderation’ and ‘less is more’. If you focus on both of those in terms of health and lifestyle you can be sure that you are on a growing path to optimal wellness. We are afforded more than we need and excess can quickly creep up, because it’s on sale it doesn’t mean you need it. Achieving balance in work, pleasure, family and social commitments is a lifelong process. Striving for this balance can be enriching and fulfilling.

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What sort of tips can you share to keep us eating right while on the go?

Stick to whole foods. Fiber-rich fruit such as apples and bananas are not only satiating but provide sustained energy and blood sugar levels, especially enjoyed with raw (unsalted) nuts or nut butters. Fruit and nuts are always my go-to snack while travelling. Some airports sell organic dried fruit (such as apples, apricots and prunes) and you can find KIND bars at most which are quite clean and contain non-GMO ingredients. These choices can hold you over in a pinch without having to rely on refined sugar or fried/fatty foods. Your body will thank you for it. And remember to drink lots of water, especially while travelling, this keeps things moving and helps flush toxins from the system, keeping your skin glowing and energy high.

What's your typical meal for

breakfast…Lemon Water (warm water with a squeeze of fresh lemon). Cold-pressed Orange Juice and fair-trade/organic Coffee with homemade Almond Milk. Coffee is one of the heaviest sprayed crops in the world. Sheep’s Yogurt with sprouted almond granola (grain / refined sugar-free), bee pollen, banana and local maple syrup. I also recently started swapping with Coconut Yogurt. I don’t eat much dairy except for that from goat or sheep - I believe that these varieties are subject to less processing and the molecules of these animals are more aligned with that of humans, making it easier for our body’s to breakdown, assimilate and use the nutrients. I don’t digest cow’s dairy in North America well.

lunch…I don’t like to make lunch too large of a meal or I feel less inspired and motivated to work the rest of the afternoon. I typically have a salad with some sprouted brown rice, avocado, hard-boiled organic egg. I add local carrots, celery, onion, and cucumber for that crunch, fiber, and the vitamins/minerals/hydration afforded to us via raw veggies. Dressing is usually olive oil, apple cider vinegar, lemon balsamic vinegar and black pepper. I put lemon on everything! I don’t add salt when I’m at home, we are overexposed to sodium it in most restaurants and packaged products. If I do it’s either pink himalayan sea salt or celtic sea salt which is higher in other trace minerals.

dinner…I love soups - especially during our long/cold winter. Purees like chickpea or broccoli. A piece of grilled/whole white fish such as sea bass or sea bream. Lately I’ve been eating more traditional Middle Eastern and Indian dishes such as basmati rice, lentils, chickpea, cauliflower and eggplant dishes. These warm cooked foods are grounding and very balancing after long day in the city. I eat organic meat or free range local poultry once or twice a week. I really enjoy bone marrow. I find it super tasty and nourishing.

snacks…Banana / Apple / Berries (in season) / Dehydrated Apple Chips / Sprouted Nuts or Nut Butter. Berries are extremely nutrient dense and filling - they are the only fruit that’s fiber content outshines its sugar content making it a go-to pick for blood sugar balancing.

favourite drink…Sparkling water, lemon water, chamomile tea, and local organic pinot noir.

How do you adjust your diet to reflect the changing seasons?

Definitely warmer dishes in the winter - more cooked foods including greens and more meat dishes. In the summer and when travelling in the south I stick to more raw veggies, juices, salads and lighter fare. I think it’s about tuning in and listening to your body, it will tell you soon enough what it needs depending where you are or what you are going through.

What are three ingredients in the kitchen you can't live without?

Olive Oil. Lemon. Cinnamon.

Do you have any DIY skin care products you'd like to share?

Yes! My favourite go-to remedy for Hair health and growth. Mix a few tablespoons of Olive Oil, 1 tablespoon of Jojoba Oil and Argan Oil into a small spray bottle with filtered water. Add a few drops of Rosemary extract (not too many or it may become drying) to trigger hair follicle growth and blood circulation at the scalp. This is the best treatment overnight or to protect locks form the sun and sand at the beach.

What else is next for you and HUSK? Where do you see yourself in the next 2-3 years? Any big plans you want to share?

I really don’t know and am doing my best to live in the present and enjoy this process. I think there are very real challenges and changes globally for us to look at and we are all in a position to effect change on some size of scale - it’s definitely about awareness and I only hope to continue to grow and bring the world closer to peace and balance by focusing on matters I can touch.

I would like to thank Stephanie for sharing a piece of her story. It's truly inspiring to see the positive change she is making in other people's lives. Keep thriving and inspiring Stephanie!