Find The Best Restaurants And Make Reservations With This One Tool

Do you ever have trouble finding a new restaurant to try or that meets your dietary needs? I usually pick the same restaurants within a specific radius or simply rely on my friend's recommendations. Wouldn't it be great if there was an easy to use website that listed new restaurants in your city or neighbourhood, restaurants that offer gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan menus, outdoor dining or Sunday brunch? Guess what! There is and it's called OpenTable Toronto (available for other cities in Canada and the U.S.). OpenTable is user-friendly, let's you search restaurants by neighbourhood, city and dietary restrictions (many other filters) and let's you make online reservations. It's super simple! OpenTable-Toronto

Last week, I decided to end work early and have a date night with my sister. I often have my sister choose the restaurant, but this time it was my turn considering she had way to many other things on her plate. At this point, I've already discovered and browsed OpenTable and knew I had to use it to make my next reservation. I was looking for a restaurant in the Annex/Koreatown/Bloordale area that offered a vegetarian menu. The restaurant that was closest to me and stood out the most was Pero Restaurant and Lounge, an Ethiopian restaurant. I've never had Ethiopian food so this was a perfect time to try something new.

Making a reservation using OpenTable was super simple. After I picked the number of guests, date and time, I filled out my basic information and clicked "Complete Reservation". And just like that I was done.

Note: When you provide your basic information, you are signing up to become a member. As a member you collect points with every online reservation you make, which can then be redeemed for free meals. How awesome is that!


"Pero Restaurant is as rich and diverse as Eastern African culture. The spectrum Pero Restaurant cuisine can be said to lie between two dietary extremes: vegetarianism and carnivorism. The essence of good Eastern African cooking revolves around the appropriate use of aromatic spices. The skill lies in subtle blending of a variety of spices to enhance, rather than overwhelm the basic flavour of a particular dish. Pero food relies on the spices in which it is cooked, just as Japanese Sushi relies on the freshness of the meat, and Chinese food relies on the various sauces to impart the right flavour and taste." (Excerpt from OpenTable)

My experience at Pero Restaurant surpassed my expectations. It is a romantic, dimly lit lounge perfect for a date night (with your girlfriends or special someone). The staff was super friendly, offered to take our jackets, explained the menu in detail considering we were newbies and made suggestions. The quality is noticeably superior and would highly recommend it.