Weekly Round-Up

Happy Friday! Hope everyone is staying warm as the weather here in Toronto is atrocious (-20C). Are you feeling tired, not motivated to work out and/or want to binge watch Netflix while indulging in comfort food? You're not alone. There are healthy solutions to all those dilemmas. First, take a 20 minute nap (ideally mid-afternoon at about 2-3pm) to help increase alertness and improve mood. Second, do a 20-minute at home cardio blast to get the heart pumping (we all know the benefits working out, even for 20 minutes a day). Lastly, get into your comfy pants, grab some homemade popcorn (not microwaveable popcorn) and homemade vegan mac n' cheese (easy, delicious and nutritious) and binge watch your favourite show. We all need those lazy days.