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This week on Thriving and Inspiring, I welcome the beautiful, talented, driven, hard-working, passionate and inspiring (I can truly go on to describing this individual) entrepreneur Stephanie Blaunc, founder of Rainbow Water. I discovered Rainbow Water on Instagram and was instantly drawn to the beautiful photos and intrigued by the brand name. Once I read more about Rainbow Water, I had to connect with Stephanie and learn about her journey in creating a plant-based product that improves your skin, gives you more energy and boosts your immune system (and of course try it for myself). Thriving to your full potential doesn't begin and end with what you consume, but it's quite an important part. So when I tried Rainbow Water for myself, it honestly gave me the kick I needed first thing in the morning and added light to my day. But enough about my experience (stay tuned for my review of Rainbow Water and new smoothie and dessert recipes including Rainbow Water! They're coming soon!), I welcome Stephanie and a glimpse into her journey.


Tell me about yourself. (What inspired you to start Rainbow Water, how did you go about starting your business?) My inspiration for Rainbow Water was to create a healthy, plant-based lifestyle that anyone could easily access. The immense health benefits of juicing and starting every morning with an organic superfood drink is what truly inspired me. My friends saw how happy and healthy my lifestyle was, and wanted to know how they could implement it into their own lives. Juicing can be a big hassle and REALLY expensive, so the idea of creating a convenient juice on the go that contained the most nutritious foods, yet more affordable than juicing itself grew organically into the detox superfood powder it is now. No pun intended haha.

I also have a very big heart for all animals on this earth. Why not create a product that transitions people from eating animals, to implementing a healthy and very kind way of eating? A kind way of eating not only for animals, but for your own body.

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What advice would you give to someone who is looking to start his or her own company within the health and wellness industry or starting a brand in general? It is 100% attainable if you have the passion and are willing to push through all of the struggles and sleepless nights. Creating your own company that encompasses the health and well-being of others is truly rewarding and exciting. I wake up everyday so thrilled with my life. Honestly, all of the stress and constant work is so rewarding when you realize you’re actually making a positive impact in this world. My advice is to truly focus wholeheartedly on your passion and never stop believing in yourself, no matter what others say. You have to be strong.

rw Have you ever come across people who did not support your vision for Rainbow Water? If so, how did you overcome that obstacle? Honestly, I haven’t really had anyone as of yet say anything negative about Rainbow Water, which is amazing and I feel very proud of that.

Why is ensuring your product is organic so important to you? Organic foods are free from chemical pesticides and fertilizers that can be so harmful for your body. Your food should nourish and fuel your body, not break down your nervous system or give you cancer. A very big and very important factor is that organic food is much more nutritious, containing more vitamins and minerals than compared to the pesticide covered counterpart. These facts alone make it very important for my company to be organic.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Our body has the wisdom to filter out toxins effectively via the liver, intestines, skin, kidneys and lungs; and one cannot simply “detox his/her body” in an arbitrarily set amount of days. If you happen to feel better while doing a “detox” program (by, for instance, increasing your fibre, drinking more water, cutting back on processed foods and alcohol), then you realize that it’s something you need to practice daily. You provide 15 and 30 day superfood detox powders. Is Rainbow Water safe to incorporate into a diet on a regular basis? Yes! You are definitely correct that our bodies are truly amazing and we naturally detox everyday. Rainbow Water was created to help our bodies effectively remove toxins from our organs while providing them with the most nutritious foods. Our product is 100% whole fruits and vegetables in powder form so you can drink it every single day. We’ve just juiced the most amazing superfoods and put it into a powder form to make it more affordable and convenient. We have it split into 15 and 30 days so that everyone can transition into this healthy way of detoxing and juicing without feeling like they have to commit to 6 months at a time. Soon you’ll realize how great you feel and you’ll naturally start implementing this lifestyle everyday because, yes, this is a healthy lifestyle you should and want to be living everyday. We have many repeat and loyal members of our community that drink Rainbow Water every single day and absolutely love how they look and feel.

DSC_0205 How did you go about creating the Rainbow Water Blend (the nutrients found in the product)?
7. How would you describe your philosophy about food and living well? It took an incredible amount of research. We worked alongside experts in the natural health field to come up with a long list of the most nutritious plants that we subsequently paired together to give you one of the most nutritious products full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that your body needs to repair itself and use as fuel.

Good food will make you feel good, and in turn, give you the stamina to pursue your passions. You only live once, so my motto is to laugh wholeheartedly, spend time in the sun and rescue a pet! Pets provide so much love, are proven to extend your life, and really teach you empathy and compassion. I think its very important to care about all living creatures; when you make sure to care about the world around you,  it gives you purpose, and that feeds your heart and soul.

salad What sort of tips can you share to help us remember to eat right while on the go? Always carry a water bottle with you. This way you’ll be drinking plenty of water throughout the day and won’t be tempted to order sugary drinks when you get thirsty. I also love carrying around a whole avocado or homemade hummus with veggie sticks as snacks when I’m out running around. Both are so easy to pack.

What's your typical meal for ... breakfast? I start every morning with Rainbow Water.

lunch? Some sort of humongous mixed green salad loaded with veggies, nuts, seeds, bee pollen, flax seed, sprouts and raw apple cider vinegar dressing.

dinner? Miso soup, pickled veggies, soba noodles with seaweed or raw vegan lasagna made from zucchini and nuts.

snacks? Coconut chia seed pudding topped with fresh fruit! I'm so obsessed with this dessert right now. favorite drink? Sparkling water, fresh watermelon juice, and Rainbow Water.

How do you adjust your diet to reflect the changing seasons? I am part of our local CSA so I load up on local veggies of the season. Eating with the seasons is pretty important since vegetables that grow during that season contain more nutrients and minerals. Also, you get to create really fun recipes and eat things you normally wouldn’t buy.

Do you have any DIY skin care products you'd like to share with our readers? I love using organic coconut oil and raw sugar mixed together with some essential oils for a diy sugar scrub.

What else is next for you and Rainbow Water? Where do you see yourself in the next 2-3 years? Any big plans you want to share? We have quite a few exciting projects we are working on right now, including some new products to complement our existing superfood and ultimately, our vision.

Our loyal customers have been asking us if Rainbow Water will ever be sold in retail stores so ... we are excited to announce that Rainbow Water will start appearing in luxury spas this coming year!! We’ve only just launched a couple of months ago, so this is a very exciting time for our company.

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