Thriving and Inspiring: Kate

thriving-inspiring-kate I'm starting a new series called Thriving and Inspiring, which will feature a Q&A session with inspiring individuals, food and lifestyle bloggers and entrepreneurs. I've had the pleasure to connect with Kate from Her Balanced Life, which is filled with balanced recipes and lifestyle posts that promote healing through a non-traditional medicine - food.

I believe we are what we eat, that food is the ultimate medicine and we can all be healthy and live well if we make good healthy food choices. - Kate


Tell me about yourself (i.e. how you started your blog, your accomplishments, etc.) Hey there, my name is Kate and I run the HerBalancedLife blog. I started this blog as a way to document my transition to a healthier lifestyle and recovery from a few illnesses I am dealing with. I transitioned from eat-whatever-I-want to vegetarian for a while. I had done a lot of research on natural alternatives to healing and found an abundance of information, resources and help from the Gerson Therapy and several documentaries including Vegucated and Forks Over Knives. It didn’t stop there, I eventually found Deliciously Ella who has proven what a healthy diet can do for those with certain illnesses, Kris Carr whose overcome cancer because of a plant based diet and The China Study – the biggest worldwide nutritional study ever done – that links certain foods to illnesses and proves eating right can heal the body and keep it healthy.

With all this information and proof, I finally transitioned to a more vegan lifestyle (no meat, no dairy) and cut out gluten and minimized refined sugar. I have to say, ever since I made that change I’ve felt a noticeable difference in every aspect of my life – I have more energy, I’m happier, I love what I eat and I really really enjoy sharing recipes and connecting with my readers and followers.

How would you describe your philosophy about food and living well? I believe we are what we eat, that food is the ultimate medicine and we can all be healthy and live well if we make good healthy food choices. I also believe you can’t expect to be the ultimate healthy you if you do everything half way – you really have to give it your all! I believe in organic and non-gmo foods that come from the earth. I know that scares a lot of people away from a healthy lifestyle because organic and natural is more expensive but consider it an investment in your health – nothing is worth more – not even that LV bag or those Chanel shoes.

What sort of tips can you share to keep us eating right while on the go? Prep! And prepare in advance. I try to use Sundays as prep days and cut all my veggies and some fruits for the week ahead. I’ll also a make batch of organic brown rice and quinoa. I really love making raw treats like my energy bites and bliss balls – if I have these on hand and I’m craving a treat, I go for one of these! I feel prepping in advance has saved me time and again, because when I don’t, I am usually stuck trying to quickly prep lunches and dinners during the week and I don’t enjoy it as much. 

What's your typical meal for... breakfast... Smoothies! I usually add all sorts of goodness into my smoothies to keep me full and energized including chia seeds, hemp hearts, protein powder, maca powder, spirulina and homemade almond milk. The odd time I’ll have oatmeal, baked or warmed.

lunch... Salads – but hearty ones with quinoa and beans/legumes! It usually starts with a bed of lettuce (spinach, kale, chard..) topped with beans and quinoa and then a bunch of chopped veggies and my homemade tahini garlic dressing.

dinner... Dinner is always different – usually I’ll include beans and a complex carb like brown rice, quinoa or potatoes (white & sweet) and loads of veggies!

snacks... For sure my energy bites/bliss balls – usually made with dates and nuts and other goodness! They really help curb cravings and hunger.

favourite drink... Fresh cold pressed juice – to be honest I really really love carrot and beet (but with a bit of sweet, so add an apple or pear).

How do you adjust your diet to reflect the changing seasons? I try to eat as local as possible, living in Canada there is always an abundance and variety during spring and summer when we can grow our own veggies and fruit and buy from local farmers markets. I’m usually eating a lot of fresh fruits! When fall and winter rolls around, my meals become a lot more hearty and comforting – veggie chilli, baked potatoes, stews and soups.

What #1 advice would you give readers who want to adopt healthy habits? Do your research. Just because you read somewhere that milk is healthy doesn’t mean it is. Especially since everyone is different. It's important to figure out what works for you personally.

What are three ingredients in the kitchen you can't live without?

  • Bananas
  • Avocado
  • It’s a tie between spinach and sweet peppers

Do you have any DIY skin care products you'd like to share with our readers? Oh yes! This is one of my fave new things! I use pure unrefined organic coconut oil for so many things and it's so simple! Take a little bit on the tips of your fingers and use as makeup remover – its got great detoxifying and antibacterial properties so it will really cleanse your skin – wash off and then rub a super small amount back on as a moisturizer. It’s really not super oily and absorbs nicely into the skin, especially over night, you’ll wake up with the softest skin you’ve ever had! Also apple cider vinegar – mix with a bit of water and use as a toner, you can use it after you wash your face and before you reapply the coconut oil as a moisturizer. It's fantastic for cleansing and balancing the pH levels in your skin.


Where do you see yourself in the next 2-3 years? Any big plans you want to share? Growing my brand! I’m currently growing my blog to not only include healthy recipe but also lifestyle tips and fun content. I also look forward to connecting with more like minded people and getting some really awesome camera equipment to improve my photos, blog and IG content. It is also a goal to get my certification in nutritional studies and see where that leads me!

I want to thank Kate for taking the time to answer these questions, share great tips and inspire others! I encourage you all to check out her blog for delicious and nutritious recipes and lifestyle tips!

Thriving and Inspiring series is my way to share inspiring stories and connect with more like minded individuals. If you (or someone you know) would like to share your story, let's connect! I'd love to hear it! Email me at

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