Happy Hot Tea Month

January is all about new beginnings, new health regimens, new resolutions and tea. Yes, tea. Did you know January is Hot Tea month? Drinking tea is an easy and inexpensive addition to our daily lives with endless health benefits. For instance, tea has been shown to aid in weight loss and increase our body's immunity to colds and flu!

“There is unequivocal evidence that tea as a lifestyle factor can impact health,” said Dr. Carol Greenwood, Professor of Nutritional Sciences at the University of Toronto. “Tea is one of the highest sources of antioxidants in the diet and should be considered part of a healthy lifestyle.”

"While tea cannot replace fruits and vegetables in the diet, science has shown that tea leaves contain more of the compound than most antioxidant-rich produce. The antioxidant activity in two cups of tea is equal to seven glasses of orange juice, five medium-sized onions or four medium-sized apples.

Published studies by researchers from Harvard University and Bringham and Women’s Hospital found that tea contains theanine, a unique amino acid that primes the immune system in fighting infection, bacteria, viruses and fungi.

In human clinical trials, the researchers found that after drinking five cups of black tea daily for two to four weeks, participants’ immune cells produced two to four times more interferon than at baseline. Interferon is a protein that helps strengthen or improve the body’s immune response. The scientists said their findings suggest that drinking black tea provides the body’s immune system with natural resistance to viral and bacterial infections." (Tea Association of Canada)

Here are 7 ways to celebrate Hot Tea month and incorporate tea into your daily life

Here are some of my favourite tea products

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Learn more about the benefits of tea via Tea Association of Canada.

So let's brew a hot cup of tea and cheers to a healthier and thriving you! Happy New Year!