5 Foods on the Go

It's been a while since I posted. I've been busy with many things. First I started a new job which requires me to adjust to a fixed schedule and learn the ins and outs of the company. I'm also helping my sister launch her website and I'm taking care of a few logistics of her business. (Remember the blog post "To Detox or Not To Detox"? Well she was the Naturopathic Doctor I featured!) And I have not forgotten about Thrive With The Seasons. I've been busy interviewing some inspirational ladies for my Thriving and Inspiring series and working on a few collaborations, recipes and content. Considering I've been on the go the last few days, I've had to prepare my meals and snacks in advance in order not to grab junk food and/or snacks that deplete my energy. Here are my top 5 foods on the go:

ONE: Solar Raw Food Ultimate Kale Chips

Besides the health benefits you get from eating kale, Solar Raw Foods has 5 delicious kale chip flavours (Cheddar, Pink Salt, Red Peppercorn Ranch, Hemp Cream & Chives and Spicy Curry Lime). I've had all 5 flavours and they are all equally delicious. It satisfied all cravings!

I choose kale chips as an on the go snack because I get my nutrients, vitamins and protein all in one snack. Move over regular potato chips (some containing MSG and unhealthy ingredients), there's a new snack guaranteed to satisfy your crunch cravings.

TWO: Apple Crumble Bites


This energy booster snack is easy to make and really helps curb cravings and hunger. The Apple Crumble Bites are packed with potassium, magnesium and calcium which prevents muscle cramping. They are also high in fibre and promote healthy bowel movements and are great sweet treat.

THREE: Veggies and Dip

In order to get my veggies and good fats (from nut butter, EVOO, avocado), I will prep some veggies (carrots, celery and pepper) and dip (spicy peanut butter, hummus (Beet and Chickpea dip) or guacamole).

Tip: To avoid prepping the morning of, wash and cut all your veggies the day you buy them. Divide them up into multiple portions and put them in reusable tupperware or glass jars.

FOUR: Mixed Nuts

When I'm on the go, I'm looking for foods that will help curb my cravings and hunger. Mixed nuts are a great snack with good fats and protein. You can buy a bag of mix nuts at your local health food store or grocery store. I like to buy a mix and pop them in the oven and season them with a variety of spices (cayenne or rosemary) or keep them plain with salt.

FIVE: Water / Coconut Water

I always make sure I leave the house with my water bottle. When I am dehydrated, I often get a headache and I'm not much use to anyone. It also keeps my skin hydrated and helps my kidneys flush out waste products.

Don't know how much water to drink? Tip: The following rule-of-thumb, 1 ounce of water per kilogram of weight, is roughly the amount of water you should be consuming daily.

I'm curious to know, what are some of your favourite foods on the go?