Goal Setting in 2015

choices-hopes-quote Over the last few days I've been reflecting on 2014 and setting bigger goals for 2015. This year has been a roller coaster and this past month has been even rockier. The year has been filled with change, sadness and uncertainty but also excitement, risk and spontaneity, all of which has shaped the person I am today.

Before setting goals, I used Chris Guillebeau's annual review approach and reflected on the things that I've accomplished over the year and asked myself two questions: What went well last year? What didn't go well last year? This has given me a clear view of what I'm capable of, which will in turn help me set bigger goals. Before setting your goals, reflect on what you've accomplished.

Breaking from our usual habits is difficult and often painful – requiring not just willpower and stamina but also the courage to take risks, to fail, and to pick ourselves up again (.

When it comes to goal setting, you want to ensure you set a targeted, meaningful, achievable list of goals. "When it comes to resolutions, research and experience show that you’re much more likely to be successful if you: (1) lay out a small list of very specific goals, (2) outline a clear plan of action to achieve them, and (3) plan for what will happen in case of setbacks, distractions, and interruptions. So consider this: What matters most to you in the coming year? What are you passionate about and well-equipped to achieve? Choose your battles wisely, and commit to them completely" (Simplify Your New Year's Resolution Process: Reflect, Select, Remove).

What are some of your resolutions this year? What inspires you to set these goals?

Wishing everyone the happiest of New Years!