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Welcome to Thrive With The Seasons, your guide to eating in season in order to feel your best and achieve your full potential! You will find delicious (and nutritious) recipes, workout tips, holistic lifestyle tips, inspiring stories and tools to help you achieve happiness, balance and optimal health.

My name is Justyna Zarzeczny and I am an aspiring Holistic Nutritionist, who will be obtaining my Nutritional Practitioner certification in 2017. I believe in eating fresh, whole foods, cooking with real ingredients and straying away from toxins and chemicals in daily beauty and home products. I want to help YOU achieve a life of happiness and optimal health.

What are the benefits of eating in season?

"Each season brings a variety of foods that are only available in that season. They are a natural diversity for not only our health, but also for the planet’s health. The great thing about the variety of seasonal foods is that you won’t be eating the same foods year round. For instance, when you walk into the grocery store, you will find produce that are available all season long instead of the season when they are normally harvest. The reason is that these foods are dependent on chemicals, preservatives and waxes; all things that are not good for you. The best seasonal foods that you can find are those right at your local farm or farmer’s market." (Healthy way to cook)

With each season comes new beginnings (new job, new class, new relationships), new challenges (workout goals, job promotion, relationships), fresh vegetables and fruits, new perspectives and varying moods. Some of you might experience high energy in the summer but once the shorter days set in and the snow falls, you have less energy, feel depressed, eat more junk and lack vitamin D. I want to help you maintain that high energy level all throughout the year so you can tackle your goals, dreams and challenges.

I look forward to sharing my journey through nutrition school and help you thrive throughout all four seasons.