Eat Whole Foods

Don't be fooled by food packaging. Companies put a lot of thought and effort into their labels in order to sell their products. Just because the label says "more fibre"or "10% less fat" doesn't mean it's better for you. Did you know that when they remove the fat of a product, they will most likely substitute it with sugar in order to make it taste better? Which is worse because sugar is what makes us fat.

  • Study shows one in ten low-fat foods has more or same calories as regular¹
  • Manufacturers often use sugar to boost the taste of lower-fat foodstuff¹

I would recommend to stop looking at the front of the box, turn it over and read the ingredients. If the ingredients list takes up half the flap and/or there are ingredients you can't pronounce, put the box down. If you can't recognize the ingredients, how do you think your body will react and process it?

I'm not asking you to run to your kitchen, look at every label and throw out all the junk into the garbage. I'm saying to be more aware of what you buy, learn the effects it has on your body and find alternatives. Instead of buying the pre-made pasta sauce that has added sugar, make your own. Simply mix crushed tomatoes with vegetables and spices. It's that simple. It might take an extra minute to put it all together but in the end you will feel great and thrive! Make conscious decisions and be aware of what you consume.

¹ Mail Online - Many low-fat foods 'have SAME amount of calories as regular equivalents due to added sugar'

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