Healthy Travel Essentials

I'm taking my first solo trip out west (in Canada) and I'm super excited (and a tad nervous). For years, I've been wanting to go travel but something always got in the way. No money, no vacation time, work, no travel partners, relationships or fear. It was time to stop making excuses and make it happen. Life is too short to wait around for the "right moment" to travel. There's never a right moment for anything. You will always have a bit of fear, hesitation or doubt. None of my friends could take the entire time off work, so I decided to just book my trip and see where it'll take me. Luckily I'll have a friend with me for 3/10 days, but the rest will be time to explore on my own, meet new people and take in the most beautiful views. My trip will consist of a long train ride, hikes and wandering, which will require lots of energy. When I get hungry, I get hangry, and it's not a pretty sight. To avoid causing a scene, I decided to prep in advance and make sure I have snacks, healthy snacks to keep me moving and feeling great.


Here's what I'll be fuelling my body with:

- Vita coco: coconut water with peach and mango puree

- Clif protein bars (Chocolate chip and peanut butter)

- Giddy yoyo ginger raw chocolate (my fave! Dairy, nut, refined sugar and junk free)

- Chimes ginger chews

- Solar Gold Tropical Mix 

- A Good Portion: Pistachios (lime flavour)

- Pukka tea (Three Ginger, Three Tulsi, Relax)

- Emergen-C (keep my immune system strong)

- Pur gum

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