Follow your "why" not your "what"

I am always thinking of new ideas I want to bring to life. I want to start a business that benefits others and that leaves me feeling content - that I made some sort of positive impact on my community. But after taking part of the idea hub's event on Start with Why, my whole perspective on starting a business shifted.

I've been to date thinking of ideas I can bring to life without really going deep into why I want to do it. Before thinking of the next product you want to launch or business you want to start, think of the reason behind it. Knowing your purpose will ease the way to creating a service/product/business. It will give you a better understanding of what your company is all about. Simon Sinek once said "People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it." And it's true. All the brands you buy, it's not because of the product but the feeling it gives you or is portrayed.

"Finding your "why" before communicating your "what" or your "how" to the world is critical to both business success and your personal growth. If you don't know your purpose, you cannot clearly communicate, as well as effectively execute, your mission. It'll be difficult to find your tribe and build a culture of authenticity and passion that excites others." (Huffington Post)

Once you've established your "why", the "what" might continuously evolve but your purpose remains the same. And that's okay. Your purpose will take you further than your "what". Because sometimes your "what" (be it product or services), will flourish for a few months but then will no longer be needed by the market. That being said, with a good purpose, you can alter your product and services to meet the market's needs.

The reason behind this post is that I started this blog solely because I wanted to find my voice and share my thoughts on topics that ignite me. But it order to consistently follow through with posting and engaging others, I need to go deeper into my purpose. It wasn't enough for me to simply post about various topics. Why was I doing this? What will keep me motivated to maintain this blog? I've decided to focus on two topics: nutrition and self-development (staying motivated, increase confidence, girl empowerment).

I am applying for nutrition school and this will be a way to track my journey and share with you food facts and recipes. I find a lot of people are misinformed/not educated about the effects of certain foods, food allergies and nutrition facts (labels). I also believe that children should develop better eating habits so they can feel their best, stay active and reach their full potential. Nutrition is super important in kids because it effects their development and their success level at school. I want to help implement healthy habits for parents and their kids so they can reach their full potential and live the life they desire.