Don't worry be happy

I sometimes find myself worrying about things out of my control. I over think scenarios and waste so much time thinking than actually doing. The anxiety paralyzes me and leaves me lying in bed all day until I get the strength to tell myself STOP. You are worrying yourself sick and you are capable of getting through this. Once I get the strength to get out of bed, I then proceed to feel guilty for wasting time. It's quite the vicious circle. Lately when I catch myself in an anxious state, I take a deep breath, let myself feel sad, angry or scared (or all three) and then tell myself "You got this, you are not alone, you have the strength to do this, now go out and live life." You can't always mask what you are feeling so it's okay to feel what you are feeling. You need to release it by taking deep breaths. Inhale (the good stuff). Exhale (the bad stuff). Repeat. Besides taking the time to breathe deeply, I write down what I'm feeling and revisit my entries about my goals and happy days. How do you cope with anxiety? Do you find yourself worrying a lot? How do you cope with it?