Do something that scares you

I'm sitting in the smallest train station in the middle of no where with approximately 35 people patiently waiting for our delayed train to BC. Industrial buildings and small fields surround the tiny building with no restaurants in sight. Lucky for me, I packed some snacks. This weekend I visited a friend in Edmonton. We lucked out with beautiful weather (2 weeks ago it snowed!) and I got to experience the city with and without my friend. It's a bit nerve racking traveling solo in an unknown city. There wasn't too much activity in the city but I got to see Whyte Avenue (a high traffic strip with several boutiques, patios and hip bars). I also got to see the West Edmonton Mall, largest shopping mall in North America with the biggest indoor amusement park and water park in the world. You can find and do everything in that mall, swim, skate, shop. Anything and everything. I wandered the for about 3 hours by myself and was blown away. I visited the amusement park and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the biggest indoor roller coaster! I get motion sickness and I am scared of heights, but thought to myself "when was the last time I did something for the first time? When was the last time I did something that scared me?" I had the opportunity to challenge myself and face my fears... And I accepted the challenge. I went on the big coaster and as much as it was scary, I'm glad I pushed myself to experience it. Yolo, right!

When things are unfamiliar, you get to really experience it with a different perspective. Traveling solo is great for self-development. You get to figure out how to navigate through the city the old school way, with a map, discover new things about yourself, and meet some interesting people. I would suggest everyone to travel solo and do something that scares you (everyday if possible) .