Becoming a vegetarian

I've spent the last 7 days in BC (Whistler and Vancouver) and it's been such a great experience! This was my first self-funded solo trip and I am wanting to see more of the world. I've met some great people along the way who are on a long travelling journey for up to 2 years. There are so many solo travellers who've inspired me take chances and see the world. Life is short and we should take advantage of having the ability to travel. It's a privilege to be able to travel and I want to make it my goal to take a month trip somewhere new in the new year. I'm rambling... Let me get back to today's topic, becoming a vegetarian. Now on my trip, I made it my goal to try new foods and have BC's popular cuisine, sushi. They have fresh seafood and it's out of this world!! I'm pretty sure I've ruined all future seafood experiences because I don't think I'll ever have anything better tasting. Now besides trying new foods, I know people in Vancouver are known for living healthy lifestyles (very active people) and a lot of people are vegans or vegetarians. I wanted to try a new food pattern and eat more vegetarian meals on my trip.

Let me tell you. I felt fantastic! I had a day or two where I cheated and had cheese and bread and let me tell you, I was full of regret. Things weren't pleasant. I realized I should take care of myself and not feel bad declining my friend's food preferences. There's nothing worse than putting yourself through the stomach pains and discomfort.

Vancouver has some great vegan and vegetarian restaurants. Each one exceeded my expectations. Here's a list of restaurants I've tried:

Green Moustache (Whistler) - collard wrap with hummus, beats and other deliciousness / cacao smoothie

Naked Sprout (Whistler) - vegetarian wrap / Greener smoothie

Jugo Juice (not unique to BC but something I enjoyed having on my trip) - kale, spinach, peaches, apple juice and cauliflower smoothie (my go to smoothie!) / gluten free granola bar

Cartems - gluten free and vegan donut (maple pecan) not to sweet and spongy (you wouldn't even tell the difference between non vegan/gluten and vegan/gluten free)

Gorilla Food - Vancouver best vegan/raw restaurant. Nothing is made with a stove. I had the lasagna (14 layers of goodness) They even have a cookbook that I'm excited to get my hands on. I definitely want to try and incorporate more raw foods into my diet.

I will slowly incorporate more vegetarian dishes into my diet and I hope by the end of the month I can say I eat 3/4 of vegetarian dishes and 1/4 meat. I'm not sure I can part ways just yet, it's something I want to slowly settle into and see whether or not it's the right fit for me.

Any advice for changing your diet? What's your advice for new vegetarians?

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