What made you smile this week?

This week flew by and I didn’t have the chance to remove myself from the chaos and write a blog post. Do you ever find yourself thinking back to the previous week and struggle to remember what happened? I try to make note of everything I do, big or small, and take a moment to rethink what has happened and what made me smile. Thinking back, here are 4 things that made me smile:

Getting an interview

Looking for work is a full-time job and when you get a call back, it feels so rewarding, especially in a time where landing a job is so difficult. When I received two calls, I was ecstatic! People might say “don’t get to excited, it’s just an interview”, but an interview can lead to so much more. So I’m going to keep on smiling and embrace the power of positive thinking. And fingers crossed I find my career/passion match! 

Joining a new venture 

I’ve been embracing the idea of entrepreneurship and the more I surround myself with innovative people and their ideas, the more I want to get involved. I had the pleasure to meet two smart and driven guys behind The Idea Hub, a monthly event for inspiring entrepreneurs to come together to connect, share their ideas, and make them a reality. For someone who doesn’t know where to begin and wants to connect with like minded individuals, this is an event for you. I was given the opportunity to join their team and I’m loving the energy these guys bring into their idea. I look forward to pushing the bar, challenging myself and putting together great events. 


This past weekend I went to a friend’s housewarming party and reunited with University friends that I haven’t seen in 3 years. Nothing more enjoyable than getting together with friends, catching up and hitting the dance floor at a local country bar. We had a blast (even the ones who don’t like country). As long as you have your friends, you can have a great time wherever you are. 

Planning my next trip

For the last 3 years, I’ve been talking more than I’ve been doing. I kept saying I wanted to travel but always made excuses (not enough money or no time). I’m making a strong effort to stop making excuses. I decided to just make plans and move forward. I bought my flight and train ticket and I’m ready to start crossing off things off my bucket list. 

What made you smile yesterday, this weekend or last week?