Which is worse, failing or never trying?

Never trying would be worse because as you’ve heard it before: “you regret what you didn’t do”. Starting something new is scary because it’s beyond our comfort zone. We might be well equipment and have everything in order but we will never be ready for that leap of faith. That’s why it’s called the leap of faith. You have to truly believe that the outcome of your leap is for the best, whether you fail or succeed. You need to let the universe take care of that remaining 1%. The beautiful thing about failing is that something good always comes of it. You might even start something new in hopes to gain one thing but in return you might fail and be introduced to something you’ve never even thought of. It could be that one thing you were meant to do in life. You always learn something from all your experiences, both good and bad.

So take that leap and try something that scares you. In the end, you will have learned something new, achieved something great and have no regrets!

(photo from InkLaneDesign Etsy shop)

Which do you think is worse, failing or never trying?