Falling out of love with your passion

There are times in your life where you are faced with a situation that doesn’t feel right and you simply can’t explain the reason behind a decision. You are simply following your gut feeling. For the past 3 years, I’ve been making jewelry, selling at craft shows, and even appeared on CBC’s Steven and Chris show. But some time in March after a craft show, I lost interest for jewelry making. I honestly can’t explain what made me feel this way. It sort of felt like the switch inside me went off. I was focusing more on my personal brand, what I want to achieve in life and brainstorming business ideas. I still sold a few things here and there but it wasn’t as exciting as when I first started.

Sometimes you are so invested in one thing that you lose touch with other aspects of your life. And there are times where you only focus on one thing that you might even lose sight of your goals. With my jewelry line, House of Bauble, I started comparing my stuff to others and realized that the craft industry is so competitive. It was no longer a novelty thing. Anyone can make jewelry and sell it on Etsy. I started to question how was my jewelry different from others and what does it mean to be successful? I’m a one woman show and I can only rely on myself to work hard and stay hopeful and optimistic.   

Since March, I’ve been on a hiatus and I haven’t made any new pieces because I’m looking for meaning in my creations. I want to tell a story. If you make a craft simply because you are good at it and want to make money, that passion will eventually fade. I haven’t lost hope and I’m definitely not giving up on my passion. I needed a break to recharge and refocus.

Today, I set foot into a jewelry supplies store and I began to feel that exciting rush I used to get. Ideas started to form and I left with more materials than I planned. I’m excited to feed my jewelry making passion once again and come out stronger than before. 

If you ever lose touch with your passion or the love fades, don’t feel discouraged. Sometimes you need time away to regain focus and reevaluate your goals. And you might even leave that passion for a new one. That’s okay too!