Can you handle a solo date?

Have you gone to the movies, ate a meal at a restaurant or gone to a concert alone? I AM THAT GIRL featured guest blogger Beatriz Craven’s story about what happened when she went to the movies alone. Here’s my experience…

As an introvert, naturally I need to take time for myself to recharge. Social gatherings or several events in one week can exhaust me and all I need is a day in bed watching Netflix or taking a stroll around the city alone. I remember my first time walking into a sushi restaurant alone for lunch. I was so self-conscious. What were they thinking? Do they think I’m lonely and have no one to have lunch with? The more I went to restaurants or movies alone, the less I thought about it. There would be days where I honestly wanted to sit alone and enjoy my meal without trying to keep up a conversation. 

I would say I do so many things alone and it doesn’t phase me anymore. Being unemployed since January, I have so much time on my hands and since everyone is at work, it forces me to discover parts of the city alone, sit at a cafe alone and sometimes go to the movies alone. Sometimes you can’t wait for someone else to do something you’ve always wanted to. It might never happen. And who knows, maybe you’ll find another person on their solo date. In the end, you’re never truly alone. 

Are you ready to go on your solo date?