Mighty Goals

I’m an avid reader of Bri Emery’s blog DesignLoveFest. The blog is filled with design projects, great style and endless inspirations. Inspired by Bri’s recent goal post, I decided to put together a goal list of my own:

Eating / More raw foods and veggies (there’s just so much spinach salad one can eat)

Drinking / More homemade cocktails. I bought a cocktail shaker last summer and haven’t used it once

Practicing / Selflessness

Mastering / To find my authentic voice and speak confidently 

Learning /  To go out of my comfort zone be it in a professional or personal setting 

Trying / Not to take on to many projects at once. Do things thoroughly with quality. And also try not to take myself to seriously.

Playing / More sudoku (finish my sudoku book I got for Christmas 3 years ago)

Finishing / The things that I start. Complete all the courses I’ve enrolled in on Skillshare 

Reading / One book a month for a year. Currently reading Million Dollar Arm and The Opposite of Loneliness - trying for 2 books for the month of June

Remembering / It’s okay to stray away from the path

Wearing / More bold colours and less make-up

Cooking / Something out of the ordinary - just the though of salad for lunch makes my brain feel foggy

Working / To speak the language of the person I want to become (motto taken from The Promise of a Pencil by Adam Braun - must read!)

Traveling / More, a lot more! Planning a trip to Vancouver. I want to stop talking about travelling and actually go.

Wanting / To spend more time with friends and explore my passions

Until recently, I haven’t taken the time to sit down and think about what I want to accomplish in the next few months or by end of the year. I often make new years resolutions that I forget about mid February. This year is different. At the beginning of the year, I wrote out things I’ve accomplished the year before and listed what I want to achieve this year. Writing down your goals makes you more aware of them and helps you refocus. You realize the things you need to eliminate or add in your life to get one step closer to achieving your goals. 

What are your goals for the rest of the year? Do you make both short-term and long-term goals?