Best practices during the hiring process

Today, I stumbled upon Charity Village and Foot in the Door Co discussion about best practices during the hiring process for non profit jobs. This can be applied to all companies. Here are the highlights from the :

  • Even a salary range or ball park and/or benefits info can prevent wasted time through the hiring process.
  • Respectful treatment of job seekers who aren’t offered the job can leave them with a good opinion of the organization.
  • After a hiring decision has been made, be sure to communicate this information with each interviewed candidate.
  • An effective job ad will mean there are no surprises to the job seekers through the hiring process. 
  • People aren’t just motivated by paycheques - be sure to sell your org’s work & mission in the job ad.
  • Always a good idea for hiring managers to remember what it’s like to be on the other side of the interview desk.
  • Providing a timeline for the hiring process, including when they might be contacted, can help manage job seekers’ expectations.
  • Not hearing back after an interview also tops job seekers worst hiring experiences.